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My Pretty…and Its Ugly Truth: A Memoir by De’Vonna Bentley-Pittman

De’Vonna Bentley-Pittman

De’Vonna Bentley-Pittman shares her life story, offering to comfort and inspire others while baring the painful truth of her upbringing south of Chicago where crime and poverty went hand-in-hand. The author writes detailed memories, unfiltered through the passage of time. These experiences are gut-wrenching and heart breaking. Yet, she comes out the other side surviving to tell her story and become an advocate for other victims of sexual abuse.

This self-published book is not for the faint of heart. Bentley-Pittman explains that she wants to create a connection with others by sharing all of her story and offering hope and comfort to those in the same types of situations.

Bentley-Pittman overcame incest, sexual abuse, controlling relationships, drugs, an early pregnancy and much more before she became an author, speaker and healthy sex advocate. She ended up moving to Minneapolis where she eventually went to college and later became a board member of the Sexual Violence Center, in Minneapolis.

She shares unflinchingly her faith in God and how He helped her through it all. “God is funny sometimes. He allowed me to believe that I had made a promise to Him, but He was really fulfilling a promise that He’d made to me many years ago.”

My Pretty…and Its Ugly Truth: A Memoir by De’Vonna Bentley-Pittman. Published in 2012. Cost: $20 for the Trade Paperback. $9.99 Kindle.

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