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Esogetics and Colorpuncture: Effective Forms of Naturopathy

May 01, 2018 11:23PM ● By Scha On Blodgett Ccp Btat

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E​sogetic Holistic Medicine and Colorpuncture are forms of naturopathy that Peter Mandel began developing in the 1970s along with Biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp, Ph.D., and encompass knowledge from the wide range of natural health treatment systems, including acupuncture, chromotherapy and others, all rolled into one complete system. One of Esogetics’ goals is to bring an understanding of “old-world knowledge” (esoteric) into the “modern scientific age” (energetics). Colorpuncture focuses mostly on introducing new, correcting information via specific light frequencies, or colors, through specific points on the body.

“We know today that man, essentially, is a being of light.” ~ Fritz-Albert Popp, Ph.D.

Esogetics is based on the principle that the cells communicate via light or biophotons. While in ancient texts they hint at this information, Popp showed that unhealthy cells give off different wavelengths/frequencies versus their healthy counterparts. Popp also showed that the double helix of the DNA structure is able to attract light to it, absorb it, and more amazingly, give it off intelligently. From this, Popp suggests that this may be the primary form of communication of the body. We know today that different color frequencies provide specific information which can help influence our state of being. Esogetics’ aim is to introduce, through acupuncture points, meridian systems and other sensitive points, new correcting information via this natural base code or language while also providing for consistent, reproducible results or reactions.

More than Just Colored Light Therapy

While the application of specific light frequencies on defined points of the skin to produce an effect is amazing, it is only one portion of Esogetics. Additionally, there are predefined sound therapies that use binaural beats and key frequencies, Synapsis Brainwave therapies that introduce healthy oscillations of frequencies at the same intensity as our brainwaves, crystal therapies that help to “reorganize” the information, and more. Each protocol/system of Esogetics is rigorously tested and observed before it is ever released to the greater professional community or public to help ensure reproducible results.

No System is Complete without Analysis Tools

No system of medicine is complete without having a way to subjectively and objectively analyze what is going on as well as how a person is responding to therapy.

Esogetics utilizes several forms of analysis, relying on not just one tool but several, to confirm what we are seeing over and over again. The tools we are trained in and use include Non-Diagnostic Iridology, Finger Polarity and Foot Line Reflexology Points, Puttkamer Organ Segments, Abdominal Analysis by Yamamoto, Tongue Analysis, Facial Physiognomy, Brainwave Frequency Points, and most interestingly, the Kirlian EEA. Note: Holistic Health Analysis is not meant to replace appropriate medical diagnostic tests.

Clinical Research and Reaching the Mainstream

In today’s world, clinical studies and research are very important. While Esogetics has not produced large scale studies, there are smaller scale studies, mostly empirical in nature. One study with 12 patients with a median age of 85.8 years old with pain had 89 percent of patients reporting reduction or elimination of pain with weekly sessions during one year. Another study with 80 preschool-aged children conducted for a three-year period with sleep disturbances had a complete resolution in 56 percent and improvement in 38 percent. A more recent study with clients with multiple sclerosis found that nearly 80 percent of patients reported improvement in the quality of their lives.

Additionally, we know that light has the power to heal; it uplifts the mood in the winter months, is gentle enough for babies with jaundice, yet strong enough for pain management. NASA reports that IR light is used for common and extremely painful side effects from chemotherapy and radiation therapies, and it is now so commonplace that light therapy devices are available at stores like Target for helping with acne. While some still consider light therapy and biophotons “pseudoscience”, more organizations around the globe are dedicating money, time and research to this amazing, gentle and profound medium for healing.

Available in more than 20 countries by more than 20,000 trained professionals, Esogetics and Colorpuncture are still widely unheard of here in the U.S. Classes have been taught at Bastyr University, in Washington, and Normandale College, in Minnesota, as well as other well-known acupuncture, naturopathic and massage schools around the country. In Germany and Switzerland, they have been recognized by private health insurers while also being registered with EMR, ASCA and SVNH.

Colorpuncture has also been discussed on Healing Quest, a TV show aired on PBS, and in radio interviews. Books have been published, including Energy Psychology Using Light and Color by Manohar Croke, MA, Dipl. ECP, and The Sense and Nonsense of Sickness and Pain by Peter Mandel. In conclusion, Esogetics is a fantastic, in-depth system for health and overall wellbeing that is ever evolving to meet the needs of today and the future.

SchaOn Blodgett, CCP, BTAT is a holistic health professional at Psinergy Natural Health & Holistic Wellness, a branch of Psinergy LLC, located in St. Paul. For more information on these and other treatments, call 612-217-4325, email [email protected] or visit