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Kidtrepreneurs: Meet Abigail Luetmer, Abigail’s Gluten-Free Bakery

Abigail Luetmer

Abigail (Abbie) Luetmer is a 17-year-old, soon-to-be-junior in high school. Luetmer is also the owner and creative genius behind Abigail’s Gluten-Free Bakery, in Glenwood.

Beginning to live the gluten-free lifestyle when she was just 9 years-old, Luetmer understood how difficult it was to find sweet treats that not only looked beautiful, but tasted great. Today, she sources organic, gluten-free ingredients like farm-fresh eggs, butter and cane sugar and flavors her delicacies with fresh fruit reductions, real lemon zest, and vanilla that she ferments from Madagascar beans.

Luetmer started baking after having spent months healing from an illness brought on by a mold issue in her family home. Much of her time was spent watching baking competition shows in which she noticed that very few showcased gluten-free items that she herself would be able to enjoy.

Taking her love of painting and drawing and incorporating these into her decorating skills as well as being self-taught by YouTube videos, Luetmer’s designs evoke a sense of joy with their vibrant colors and nature-inspired points of view.

“The biggest struggle I face as an entrepreneur is finding a balance between running a business, doing my schoolwork and spending time with my friends,” Luetmer shares.

Her most prominent accomplishment to date is the creation of a four-tier lemon wedding cake. “The cake weighed in at 22 pounds and gave us the opportunity to practice our problem-solving skills when our original idea for transporting didn’t quite work out,” Luetmer explains. “Thankfully, in the end, we found a way to safely deliver the cake in time for the wedding.”

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