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Registration Open for New Online Wellness Program

Teresa Brenke

Teresa Brenke, of Embrace Health, announces the launch of her new online program, Create Health On the Go, designed to help people understand how their thoughts and behaviors are keeping them in destructive patterns with their health. This interactive online nutrition program helps reveal what most programs do not address: How to transform the mind to create ideal health.

“We are constantly on the go and this program was designed to fit healthy nutrition and fitness into this busy world we live in today,” shares Brenke. “It includes the basics on nutrition and fitness but really addresses how we change our thoughts leading us into making a lasting lifestyle change.”

Once registered, participants receive online learning modules and support to guide them to their health goals, including webinars focused on nutrition, fitness and creating lasting change in healthy living. They also receive a 45-minute strategy session with Brenke to help set them up for success.

Brenke has owned Embrace Health for more than 25 years and has helped over 10,000 adults and 500,000 children learn how to become consciously aware of their health in order to create lasting change. Utilizing simple changes in perspective, she helps people to experience weight loss as a way of being rather than an overwhelming task that needs to be done.

"I believe our thoughts create feelings leading us to behavior patterns,” states Brenke. “If these thoughts are healthy, we are in the flow and things magically just happen to work in our favor. But if those thoughts create feelings leading to destructive behavior patterns, we get stuck. Change your thoughts, change your words, change your life."

Cost: $249. Use promo code NaturalAwakenings for $100 off the introductory price (ends December 31). For more information, visit

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