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If Your Walls Could Speak


Have you thought about the energy in your home and what it would tell you if it could speak?

There is a very popular saying that “everything is energy” and it is especially true when it comes to the energy created by everyone who lives and has ever lived in your home. Everything is energy means that emotional energy such as fear, anger, hate and grief as well as energy created by love, joy, compassion and peace creates certain vibrations that continue to exist once birthed. The emotion hate carries a lower vibration than that of love. You may have felt this difference when you’ve been around someone spewing hate as opposed to someone in a state of joy. 

When people talk about “clearing the air”, they are not usually referring to the energy created over decades or even centuries, but there is an understanding that some kind of energy between two people or a group of people needs to be cleared to return everyone to a place of harmony.

The energy created in a home, both positive and negative, not only hangs out in the air but is also absorbed into the walls and furniture. I encountered this situation recently when a client called to let me know something had changed in her house—what had felt light was now feeling heavy. I had cleared her home of negative vibrations a year before and she and her family had been enjoying the benefits of their energetically uplifting space.

During our phone conversation, we began talking about various events that had occurred since I had last seen her, including the death of her mother-in-law and the move of her father-in-law into a nursing home. She then informed me that it was somewhat stressful because they had to make room in her home for all of her in-laws’ furniture until they could give it to family or sell it. When I questioned her about when her home started to feel heavy, she realized it was after the furniture was moved in.

What she had taken into the house was all of the vibrational energy created for over 50 years by her in-laws who argued a lot and had been sick for more than 10 years. Once I knew where the energy came from, it helped me know what to do to clear it.

Many of the realtors I have talked with over the years understand that energy remains in the house after someone moves out. They describe one type of house as a divorce house. Many times, if a couple sells a house after an especially bitter divorce, the couple that moves into the house will be divorced within two to three years. That couple moves out, another moves in and also is divorced after a few years. Thus, the house becomes known as the divorce house. 

Think of negative energy as a cloud that hangs out in the space. This cloud of energy, even though it can’t be seen, affects the people living in the home. If they cannot stay above the negative energy, they are influenced by it. It can be compared to how we feel when there are cloudy days for more than a week. It begins affecting our mood, how we feel and how we respond to others. When the sun returns, everything feels so much brighter and lighter. This is exactly how people feel after clearing the energy of their homes. Clearing old, stale, negative energy allows higher levels of prana into the space and it actually looks and feels brighter. 

The start of a new year is a great time to clear the air. Along with decluttering and refreshing our homes physically, it is just as important to do some energetic clearing. Some ways to begin clearing your space is by burning sage, playing high frequency music or sprinkling salt in the corners of a room. Many people use black tourmaline to absorb negative energy. Green plants in a home will also act as natural filters for negative energy. Space clearing meditations are also helpful.

The space clearing method used by some professional dowsers gets to the source of the disturbed energy and goes deeper as it clears the energy not only hanging around in the air but also from the walls and furniture. This can also be used for land and businesses. Many dowsers work onsite or remotely.

Annette Rugolo is the author of Soul Whisperer: Releasing Lost Souls. She has been transforming homes through dowsing and space clearing since 2005 and has been teaching classes since 2006. For more information about the class or having your home energetically healed, call 612-605-8608. To receive a free, guided Space Clearing Meditation, visit

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