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Natural Awakenings Twin Cities

Groove Dancefloors Come to the Twin Cities


Aero Dance Fitness is bringing Groove Dancefloors to locations throughout the Twin Cities. Groove is a different way to work out that doesn’t just have the participant follow an instructor’s dance moves. Instead, while a facilitator provides basic choreography, the participant makes each movement their own by adding exactly the style they want, based on whatever feels right for their level of fitness.

The World Groove Movement was founded in 2011, by Misty Tripoli, creator of The Groove Method, after 20 years of teaching movement and spending 10 years as an elite trainer, inspiring thousands through her love of dance, truth and higher consciousness. Her powerful yet surprisingly simple method to movement, mindfulness and balance, easy and accessible to everyone, has evolved into a dance movement with Groove Dancefloors in over 25 countries.

All genres of music are used. Classes typically run about an hour and include a warmup, dance, stretching and a brief meditation. Participants should wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat for stretching/meditation if desired. No dance experience is required and all fitness levels are welcome. Some seating is included in and around the dancefloors for those participants that need to take a break or wish to groove from a seated position without being separated from the class.

For more information, including class times and locations, call 612-276-5625 or visit