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New Therapies for the Heart-Brain Connection

Feb 03, 2019 09:44PM ● By Scha On Blodgett Ccp Btat

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SchaOn Blodgett, CCP, BTAT, with Psinergy Natural Health and Holistic Wellness, recently completed the newest yearly update training in Esogetic Holistic Medicine and Colorpuncture. While many of these ideas have been discussed for thousands of years in various branches of holistic medicine, the focus this year was based on new insights from neurocardiology, the newly recognized lymphatic system located in the head, the connection of the three brains—heart, cranial, belly—and new insights with Kirlian Energy Emission Analysis (EEA).

“Something pretty amazing is that the heart actually has an independent brain that is able to sense, learn and remember, with over 40,000 neuronal connections, and is able to sense before the other two,” Blodgett explains. “I’m really excited to be able to offer these new therapies to clients here in the Twin Cities.”

Esogetic Holistic Medicine and Colorpuncture are forms of naturopathic medicine developed in Germany that utilize specific colored light frequencies on defined points on the skin. These therapies assist in opening the heart space, helping a person connect more with their core self while also connecting to the processing power of all three brains. Many of these new therapies are good for people who need direction in their lives, want to activate the flow of life force and those with other long-standing issues.

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