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A Technical Breakdown to Allergies: : The Spiritual Side of the Physical Condition

Mar 02, 2019 08:49PM ● By Jeremiah Rangel

© Robert Kneschke

The Western world of medicine will share that allergies are 100 percent physical and relief can only be received through medication. Western medicine will share that there are no cures for allergies, but will prescribe medicine a person can take to avoid or lessen the episode from occurring. Although this mindset works for some, there are many of us awakening to the fact that there is something more happening—something deeper.

As a coach who has helped over 5,500 clients and invested over 150,000 hours in personal growth and development, every single one of my clients who had their allergies cured through Oneness Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ONLP) all had a traumatic experience when they were younger that needed to be addressed and dissolved. There is a certain point in life when allergies start. Some people inherit their allergies from their parents and some choose the lesson of allergies before birth.

An example is of a couple who were going through a divorce and fighting a lot. This couple had a newborn baby, and since we all make choices with the resources we have available at the time, the baby intelligently developed asthma for its survival. In other words, the baby could feel the energy of her parents and brought negative attention to herself through the creation of an allergy to bring the parents together. The parents stopped fighting when they needed to focus their attention on their child in the hospital. “Coincidentally” as the parents paid attention to the sweet baby, the baby’s allergies lessened and disappeared, but would flare up again when the parents’ energetic turmoil would begin again.

When an allergy is formed from a traumatic past experience, it is recorded in the unconscious mind. A traumatic past experience does not need to be something that would be considered “traumatic” to an adult; it could be something that is traumatic to a child considering the resources a child has available to them. For example, the first time a parent tells their child “no” could be a traumatic experience to that child if they are accustomed to always hearing “yes.” When the traumatic experience occurs, the mind of the person does not know how to process the information and this disconnect can be stored in the body.

Think of it as a movie where the closing scene goes unfinished so the ending is in limbo. Because the body and mind are intertwined, they will intelligently come up with a system to remind the person to go back and finish or close out the scene. The body and mind will then use any opportunity to remind the person to pay attention and close out the ending of the story, e.g. an allergy flare-up or chronic pain.

The key to healing chronic pain or an allergy is then in the awareness, openness and willingness of an individual to go back to the root of the issue and provide resources to the younger part that did not know how to process the information at that younger, less evolved age. Because this process can often go deeper than one can consciously go by themself, it is wise to have the assistance of someone who can guide them through the process.

An ideal candidate for an allergy or chronic pain cure would be someone who is open to seeing the deeper spiritual lesson behind the ailment. If a person can see the problem as a teacher and be open to receiving the lesson, the healing can occur quickly and effectively. What one must also realize is that sometimes there can be layers, and once the unconscious mind realizes that it is in a place to receive help to heal an “unfinished story”, it may bring up another issue or problem to be healed—a domino effect of healing can occur.

Jeremiah Rangel is the developer and trainer of ONLP, a holistic system of healing that started in Minneapolis. ONLP combines spiritual and psychological technologies and/or strategies to fully integrate healing on multiple levels, including physical ailments such as allergies and chronic pain. For more information, visit 

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