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Minnesota Women’s Press Presents Endings Seminar

Minnesota Women's Press

The Minnesota Women’s Press Conversations is hosting a seminar entitled Endings, from 9 am to 3:30 pm on April 13 at First Unitarian Society, in Minneapolis. This full-day event will wrap all attendees in shared dialogue about living, dying and death. Through these conversations, they gain a greater appreciation of life and open the door to intentional endings.

A keynote presentation by LaDonna Redmond entitled Making Grief Speakable will be provided during lunch. Breakout sessions include Proactively Prepare, how to manage end-of-life decisions; Philosopher’s Circle, an open discussion about what we think is “next”; and Embrace the Spiritual, the role of art, music, movement and ritual from home vigils to public celebrations of life.

This event will bring together storytellers in conversation and connection. In addition, organizations, businesses and those who wish to share conversations about our endings, and make more visible one of the most intimate transitions in our lives will join us.

Cost: $25-$250. Location: 900 Mount Curve Ave., Minneapolis. For more information and registration, visit


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