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New Political Radio Show Extends Conversations to Kitsch Tastes

Hunter Hawes (L) and Erik Nelson (R)

AM950 Radio, The Progressive Voice of Minnesota, announces a new show to their lineup, entitled Mission Accomplishers, airing from 7 to 8 p.m., Saturday evenings. Though you may come to expect debate on political talk radio, this show could provide a breath of fresh air. While still commenting on the news of the day, co-hosts Hunter Hawes and Erik Nelson strive to push the dialogue into more amusing topics.

Jacob Wood, a long-time AM950 listener, shares, “I love how Mission Accomplishers seems to come completely out of left field (pun intended) and offers a nice, refreshing, open-ended format that makes it really fun to listen to.” Wood continues, “The hosts are good conversationalists and I like the weird ideas they come up with. Good to hear some young, progressive minds!"

You can expect discussions about everything from what fast food under socialism would look like, to debates about soda, and talks about the charisma of wrestlers.

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