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Getting in the Flow: Activating Your Vessel

Nea Clare and Michele Rae have joined together to create the necessary space for powerful conversations to take place throughout the year. Though the spiritual teachers have worked together before, this powerful new collaboration promises something bigger, including free online meetings, an all-day workshop and a three-day retreat.

“This year we have been called into a new level of service which includes making room for people to share their experiences, welcoming new ideas and thoughts and helping to flip the script on how knowledge is conveyed,” Clare states. “Our service is as much about creating the space as it is modeling how to create a supportive and uplifting collaborative environment.”

As people experience the new and ever-expanding 5th dimensional energies, they are being invited to surrender the need for individuality and learn how to be part of a shared consciousness. “This seems so straightforward, but when it comes to implementation, there is no clear path laid out,” Rae explains. “We come to discover our way to higher levels of consciousness through our awareness and our experiences, and the more we share our experiences, the more we come to see the way.”

You can get involved in three ways. Join a free, live broadcast, In the Flow Weekly Conversations, at 11:30 a.m., every Wednesday, on Facebook via The Wisdom Collective Facebook page. This online community will provide the space for you to align and learn to work with these new energies.

An all-day workshop, Activating Your Vessel: Expanding You, will be held on June 15, in Bloomington, and is designed to guide you in aligning to your divine nature and enhance your capacity to create a life you love.

In the Flow Retreat, to be held August 9 to 11, at Cove Point Lodge, in Beaver Bay, will be a special time of connection, collaboration and personal discovery in which you will be attuned to and learn to work with the Diamond Frequencies.

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