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My Healthy Beginning Adds Talented Birth Doula to Its Team


Birth doulas have long been known for the nurturing physical, emotional and informational support they offer a birthing woman and her partner. My Healthy Beginning, in Long Lake, now has a new Doulas of North America certified birth doula.

A birth doula will meet with the mother-to-be during her pregnancy to educate, build relatedness and show her partner how they can together participate in the upcoming event of labor and delivery.

While in active labor, the birth doula is with the birthing mother, offering positional recommendations, food and drink, emotional support and other comfort measures. When it’s time for the final stage of labor known as “pushing”, the birth doula will offer quiet, directional support to keep the mother focused and in tune. Birth doulas stay a couple of hours postpartum to be certain the mother has been cleaned up, eaten, used the bathroom and to note that the baby has a good latch for breastfeeding.

Women often find that having a doula is helpful in getting answers to all the non-medical questions they have or the ones they feel silly asking. Women who work with a birth doula have a lesser need for pain medication, are less likely to need a Cesarean section, have a decreased need for overall intervention, and enjoy a much more positive reflection of their birth experience than those who do not.

Location: 520 Tamarack Ave., Long Lake. For more information, call 612-418-3801 or email [email protected].

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