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Children 18 and Under Offered Youth MediMorphosis

Sep 01, 2019 12:00AM

Mas Sajady announces the official launch of a free event for children called Youth MediMorphosis, to be held from 2 to 6 p.m., on September 22, at the Lake Harriett Spiritual Community, in Minneapolis.

Sajady is gifted with unprecedented abilities that help activate high performance consciousness. These highly developed abilities coupled with the capacity to access a timeless body of knowledge, which he calls Exponential Intelligence (EI), allow him to lead individuals in achieving significant life changes by transcending their limitations.

A father of six children, Sajady held a soft launch of the Youth MediMorphosis in July where he had the honor to work one-on-one with young individuals ranging from unborn children and infants to 18-year-olds. The event was intimate, informative and powerful. Hundreds of individuals gathered online to listen, gain wisdom and contribute to the collective energy of the event. At the front of the room, the young people stood with Sajady as he tapped into EI wisdom to identify their gifts or target obstacles and burdens the child was experiencing. Sajady was able to identify those with intuitive abilities and work with them to hone and enhance their skills. For other participants who struggled with anxiety or depression, EI offered unprecedented insight as to why they felt this way and provided guidance towards personal transformation.

Sajady recognizes the paramount role that youth play in the elevation of human consciousness. He feels it is imperative that our young people begin to break free from old paradigms in order to develop a population of aware, awakened, intentional beings prepared and determined to reach the full potential that humans were meant to attain.

Children 18 and under are invited to experience this work of EI reprogramming to unleash the potential aching to spring forth from within. At the upcoming official launch of the Youth MediMorphosis, the young participants, accompanied by a parent, will work one-on-one or in small groups with Sajady to co-create a framework for high performance mastery to amplify their intuitive abilities and talents and ultimately chaperone our world into a state of higher existence.

Cost: Free. Location: 4401 Upton Ave., Minneapolis. For more information, other workshops (including adult) and registration, visit For media inquiries and bookings, email [email protected]. See ad, page 21.

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