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The Inner Diamond Workshop: Aquarian Tools for an Aquarian Age

Annette Rugolo is teaching classes that help participants understand the planetary cycles that are now affecting humanity and the earth. She teaches a class called the Inner Diamond which helps people connect with their soul vibration and awakens them to their expanded soul purpose. Rugolo says that it often helps people to see why they have chosen to be on this planet at this important time in Earth’s history.

Rugolo explains that we are part of the larger cycles playing out on our planet right now, including a cycle that began December 21, 2012, which overlaps with a cycle that moved us from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age in 2001.

She explains that each new cycle brings new energy, information and tools to help us live more harmoniously during that period. “The Aquarian Age is a 2600-year-cycle and many people are here to usher this in. To fully step into that purpose, it’s important to have Aquarian tools that match the vibration of this new cycle.”

Rugolo will be offering a six-week online course beginning at 7 p.m., on October 7, meeting online every Monday through November 18. Each webinar session is 90-minutes and participants can attend live or listen to a saved recording. Recorded sessions can be kept and listened to as often as needed.

For those who prefer an in-person experience, Rugolo offers a two-day workshop, from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., November 10 to 11, at the Marriott Courtyard Hotel, in Bloomington.

The Inner Diamond class provides teachings and tools to help participants learn about the energetic cycles happening now on our planet; consciously connect and activate their Inner Wisdom, Inner Sight and Inner Knowing; awaken and gain access to 24 light frequencies (Universal Principles); learn how to use these vibrational frequencies to stay above the energy of fear and doubt; transform old emotional and mental patterns that may be keeping them stuck; activate their energetic blueprint to create alignment with one’s soul purpose; learn about individual, family and group karma and how to clear it.

Rugolo is respected worldwide as a transformational teacher, author, speaker, master dowser and environmental healer. She trained with Marie Diamond who was featured in The Secret and has been teaching the Inner Diamond since 2001. For a list of all her classes and workshops, visit her website or Facebook page.

For Natural Awakening readers, mention this article and save 10 percent; use code 10%OFFCLASS when registering online.

Cost: $298/six-week online class; $398/two-day workshop for one person or $498/two people. Location: Online or Marriott Courtyard Hotel, 7800 Bloomington Ave. S, Bloomington. For more information, visit See ad, page 19.


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