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Natural Awakenings Twin Cities

Natural Awakenings Twin Cities - February 2020

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Letter from the Publisher

Candi Broeffle
Publisher NATC

I have made a commitment to myself this year to lead with love. Like many of you, I’m exhausted by the fear and discourse we face every day as we listen to the news, and I hear the anxiety in the laments of my family and friends. The one thing that effectively neutralizes fear is love, and when we focus on leading with love, we’re able to make better decisions, feel energized and see a path forward. Fear can stop us in our tracks, and I will not be held back. Will you?

My family has always freely said “I love you” and we knew the person saying it to us really meant it, whether it was our parents, grandparents or siblings, we knew we mattered. We never left the house without an extended goodbye, with hugs, kisses and several “I love you”s. My friends often commented how weird our family was because we showed love so freely, yet they also shared how they wished their family did the same.

Though this has been easy and natural for me with my husband, son, siblings, nieces and nephews, parents and grandparents, it is not as easy for me to share this same level of emotion with my friends. Yet when I do, it’s always well-received and I believe, appreciated. I’ve found that many people in our community lack that loving connection with others. Can you imagine how much our world would change if we were surrounded with love instead of fear?

As we move through 2020, you will find articles, tips and opportunities to move from fear into love. This month, I encourage you to read Scarlett Lewis’ inspiring essay on “Choosing Love: How to Cope with Fearful Times.” If you want to take a small step that makes a huge impact, consider keeping a gratitude journal and take a few moments every day to focus on the good things that are happening around you. Look for acts of love in your personal experiences and in the interactions of strangers. The more you actively note demonstrations of love, the easier it is to see it all around you.

On a side note, 2020 is also a very busy time in local, state and national politics, and throughout this year, with the help of our partners at AM950 Radio, we will bring you information to help you make informed decisions as we head to the polls. February is the time for precinct caucuses and we help you understand the purpose of caucuses in the article “Minnesota Caucuses and Primaries: What You Need to Know.” As the publisher of this magazine, I have decided not to endorse any candidate, but rather provide valuable information you can use to make the best decision for yourself and your family. I will also encourage you to get involved, vote and stay engaged in the process. More to come.

Wishing you wellness!

Candi Broeffle, Publisher


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