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How Healthy is Your Home?

Mar 30, 2020 08:00AM ● By Annette Rugolo

It’s in these times that you really start to think about the health of your home. Your home has its own unique personality and would love nothing more than to be a safe haven for you and your family. More importantly, a healthy home can support you in your own health.

I have been healing homes since 2005 and there is nothing more satisfying than to help a home reach its full potential. You may have heard about or read articles about sick buildings or may have felt the heavy, sad or tired energy of a home as you entered it. 

If the walls could speak is a saying many of us have heard.  What I’ve found in my years of healing homes, is that walls do speak and they have a lot to say. 

I was recently invited into a home that was built in the 1920s.  It carried within its walls all of the sadness, anger, fear and worry created by all of the people who had ever inhabited it. As I was helping her (yes, it was female), I could feel the relief she felt as the weight of the years was lifted.

Sometimes homes are built on land that hold energy from past events that happened on the land.  After the home is built, the home begins take on the energy of these past events and the people who move in wonder why their brand-new home feels so sad and heavy. 

An important aspect of your own self-healing is to begin to be aware of the energy of your home and all of your surroundings and the energy they emit. When you spend time in your home, do you feel energized or depleted? Are there spaces or rooms in your home that no one spends time in? Do you feel better when leaving your home than you do staying in?

Many people become aware of the energy after moving into a new home. It quickly becomes apparent that something is wrong, but they don’t understand what. 

If you feel your home is not in the greatest of health, the illness can be caused by many things, including emotional trauma that happened on the land or in the home; a spirit or spirits residing the home; or by the various stress lines of the earth. Manmade energies, such as EMFs or electricity might also be creating illness.

When you start to pay attention to the energy of your home and begin to listen to what it has to say, you will be amazed at the stories it will tell.

There are some simple ways to begin changing the energy of your home. First and most important, begin talking to your home. It might feel a bit strange at first, but it will begin to create a bond between the two of you. When this happens, it opens the lines of communication and your home will start letting you know (in its own unique language) what it needs.  You’ll begin to be aware of areas that you might not have noticed or feel things you hadn’t felt.

Be aware of the energy you create in your home. Play upbeat, high vibrational music like Mozart or Beethoven, burn incense (safely) or bring in some flowers. Any high vibrational activity will uplift the lower vibrations of a space and the energy will begin to shift. 

Clearing your space at special times like a full moon and the equinox or solstice times of the year is also very powerful. As we move into spring, open your windows with the intention of bringing new life and energy into your space.

And most importantly, fill your home with gratitude for keeping you safe, warm and dry from the elements, and then watch it respond.

 Annette Rugolo is a master dowser, author, retreat leader and speaker, and is passionate about helping people transform their lives and their environments. She offers classes, workshops and personal sessions at her home office in Chaska and remotely. Contact her at 612-605-8608 or [email protected]. For a list of free resources such as downloads, e-books and meditations, visit Two free meditations for your home available: Tubes of Light Meditation for Your Home and Filling Your Home with Light.

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