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Raise Consciousness to Improve the Global Climate

Mar 30, 2020 08:00AM ● By Barbara Brodsho

Dr. David R. Hawkins, M.D, Ph.D., an internationally renowned spiritual teacher, psychiatrist and physician, developed the widely known “Map of Consciousness”. His work concluded that with “each progressive rise in the level of consciousness, the 'frequency' or 'vibration' of energy increases. Thus, higher consciousness radiates a beneficial and healing effect on the world.”

As spiritual seekers do their own inner work to progress on the path to enlightenment, they’ll do their part to uplift all of existence.

“We change the world not by what we say or do but as a consequence of what we have become.” ~ Dr. David R. Hawkins

The lens through which people view the world shifts as they raise their level of consciousness and thus their vibrational rate. This includes how they view their own lives as well as their relationships with the Creator and with others.

Emotions have a vibrational frequency, and if people continue to live for long periods of time in emotional states that resonate at lower frequencies, it will have a negative impact on their health and well-being. Emotions such as shame, guilt, grief, fear and anger all resonate at lower frequencies.

When people begin to feel courage, this is the initial level of empowerment which is a critical point for transformation. It’s at this point that they have the willingness to accept and take responsibility for their own actions, feelings and beliefs. Their feelings of powerlessness or victimhood are transformed to a higher vibrational frequency.

The Akashic Records are a spiritual tool that can be used to help people evolve in consciousness and can serve as a catalyst for transformation. A soul’s Akashic Record contains an energetic recording of all the thoughts, emotions, events and circumstances that the soul has experienced along its journey. It can provide a practical, spiritual approach to self-discovery that can be used throughout a person’s life.

When the soul is ready to release lower vibrations of emotions and experience a deeper level of healing, the effects will become “louder and louder.” One will find their mental and emotional lives being occupied by negative recurring patterns or self-sabotaging behaviors. For example, when a family experiences a death of a parent, it often brings up childhood pain. It can trigger old patterns and evoke grief, anger, remorse and sadness. It can cause people to feel lost, ungrounded and stuck in their personal and professional lives. They can question who they are, where they belong and how to make meaning of their lives. Understanding their lives from their soul’s perspective can help them understand who they are and why they behave and feel the way they do.

People are surprised at the overwhelming healing they experience through the process of working with the information contained in their Akashic Record. One person reported that she is much more at peace with herself and feels she can now face situations and her future with anticipation and a positive outlook. She now views her life’s challenges as opportunities rather than dreading them with fear, anxiety and anger.

As negative karmic patterns are identified and healed on a soul level, the lower vibration emotions are transformed into love and light and released back into the Universe to be used for good. This opens the door to make different choices that align with one’s authentic self.

People often experience several energetic shifts that can be measured throughout the process of working with information from their soul’s Akashic Record.

First, as a person seeks to learn more about the spiritual realm and their own Divine nature, their self-knowledge and self-awareness increases. As a result, their soul’s vibration rate increases and they’re able to access higher levels of consciousness. This provides them with a greater ability to receive guidance and inspiration from a higher dimension.

Second, as they gain access to a higher dimension, they receive intuitive information more readily—both consciously and subconsciously. For example, they may receive a download of information while doing routine and repetitive tasks. Or they may receive intuitive information when specifically asking for guidance from the spiritual realm. The higher their connection, the more they trust the information, and the more they can connect to their soul’s purpose.

Third, as negative karmic patterns are healed, the amount of mental and emotional life that’s been occupied by them decreases significantly or is cleared completely. This allows more creative vital force energy to flow more freely through a person’s body and improves their health and well-being.

Fourth, as they gain clarity on their gifts, they can consciously invest more of their thoughts and actions to align with how they’re designed. They can discover how closely they’re currently aligned with their gifts and how to come into greater alignment. As they do, they’ll experience more abundance in a variety of life areas.

Fifth, a person’s soul can provide them with the ability to set clearer intentions for what they want to create in their life. They can discover if their intentions are in alignment with their highest path and purpose for this lifetime.

Finally, when a person gains wisdom and insight from their soul’s Akashic Record, they gain awareness of how the spiritual realm is assisting and supporting them. The clearer their intentions, the more they attract spiritual beings to uphold the energy of their intentions and amplify them. These spiritual beings can then help them attract and manifest events in their lives that look like “coincidences.”

We are living in a time in history when the lower vibrations of fear and panic are consuming people across the globe because of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). If even one person works to raise their level of consciousness above the level of courage on the “Map of Consciousness”, it will help to counterbalance thousands of individuals who are living in fear below that level. Let us seek to change the world not by what we say or do, but as a consequence of what we become.

 Barbara Brodsho is a Soul Purpose coach, holistic healer and intuitive guide who empowers highly conscious spiritual seekers, creators and leaders to express their soul’s innate gifts and understand their life experiences from their soul’s perspective. As a result, they experience greater joy, abundance and fulfillment while creating and living passionate, purpose-filled lives. For more information, visit

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