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Healing Mother Earth Webinar

Apr 30, 2020 09:00AM ● By Annette Rugolo

Annette Rugolo is offering a four-week online webinar to help participants connect to Mother Earth and strengthen their roots during these uncertain, sometimes chaotic times. The Embracing Mother Earth webinar will meet for 90 minutes beginning at 7 p.m., on Tuesdays, May 12 to June 2.

“Challenging times present us with opportunities to transform and this is one of those times,” says Rugolo, author of Soul Whisperer: Releasing Lost Souls, referring to the coronavirus pandemic that is disrupting all our lives. “We are being called to heal and reawaken our connection to Mother Earth.”

“There are higher dimensional light beings working with the Earth and waiting to connect with us, work with us and teach us new ways of being,” Rugolo explains. “Young children have been bringing the awareness of these beings into our lives for years as they talk about and try to describe what they see.”

“We now have a chance to go within and heal whatever has created a disconnect from the Earth and the ones who have been here to help us,” says Rugolo in regards to her upcoming webinar. “Only when we believe that these beings are real can we begin to co-create a world that is healthy, thriving and supportive to all who inhabit her.”

In this four-week webinar, participants learn a guided meditation to consciously connect with Mother Earth; learn about the realms of the Earth: mineral, plant, animal, human and spiritual and how they are interconnected; receive activations and meditations that will help heal the wounds that created a disconnect; connect with the light beings that have been supporting Mother Earth and with personal earthly guides; experience individual and group healings to release karmic energy that created the separation; learn how to communicate with the mineral and plant realms; and create a stronger connection with the feminine energy within one’s self and the Universe.

“You have been expanding your light and now it is time to bring your light to help the Earth,” Rugolo shares. “As you do, you will feel a deeper connection with your own body, with those around you and with the Earth itself.”

Rugolo, a master dowser, environmental healer and author, has been leading groups and individuals in healing meditations for Mother Earth since 2010. Through a deep understanding and the ability to connect and transform energy, she is a guide for others in navigating the multidimensional world in which we live.

Cost: $98/four-week online webinar. For more information or to register, visit

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