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Natural Awakenings Twin Cities

Natural Awakenings Twin Cities Adds Digital Marketing Arm

Bold Expressions, LLC, local publisher of Natural Awakenings Twin Cities, has added a digital marketing arm, Bold Expressions Digital Marketing (BEDM), to complement current promotional opportunities for local businesses.

In an age when more and more people do not want their activities tracked online, web ad services such as Google Ads and other cookie-based web marketing are becoming less effective for businesses to get their messages seen. These cookie-based services are the status quo of online marketing, with campaigns that offer no transparency, no local reach guarantee, minimal reporting and can open the door to fraud.

BEDM’s cookie-less customer targeting model uses sophisticated research to identify the audiences that visit brand websites. This model excels in local online advertising because the local advertiser is getting seen by people in their community on the actual websites they visit. With the right call-to-action, a local consumer might not just click on the ad but also walk in the advertiser’s front door.

For example, a local car dealership may initiate a campaign that targets used car buyers ages 18 to 54 that live in a specific Twin Cities area zip code. The custom-targeting model uses predetermined lifestyle affinity websites to deliver the web ad within a geo-target that is specified with the campaign. Since this kind of customers’ potential web activity has already been predicted through research, the dealership knows that when the ad is seen, it is by someone who is looking to purchase a used car and who lives close by.

BEDM can purchase web ad campaigns on thousands of websites with 100 percent transparency, local reach and viewability above the fold for their clients.

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