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AM950 Radio Welcomes Santita Jackson

Santita Jackson, Morning Drive

AM950 Radio is proud to announce the addition of “Morning Drive” with Santita Jackson to their regular weekday lineup from 6 to 8 a.m. The Morning Drive is a powerful and compelling show hosted and produced by women of color and is focused on issues affecting our communities both locally and nationally.

Jackson is a multi-talented communicator on radio, television and stage and her credits include on-air contributor on Fox News and a social and political pundit on MSNBC. She uses her voice to address the political, social, cultural and religious issues of our time and effectively communicates her views while reaching audiences from around the globe.

Born to the Reverend Jesse and Jacqueline Jackson, Jackson was immersed into a household that was home to the Civil Rights Movement and was a hotbed of political activism. From a young age, she participated in marches and campaigns.

The Morning Drive makes national and international issues relatable and connects local stories to international news. From politics and religion to cultural and platonic, familial and romantic relationships, the show promises to deliver on issues important to us all.

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