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Silk Road Wellness: Halal Beauty & Wellness

Courtesy Silk Road Wellness

Nearly 12 years ago, Annie Qaiser and Sameen Khan read an eye-opening article about the effects of synthetic chemicals in body care products. As parents, they were horrified at the thought of using products with dead beetle shells, liquified animal bones, synthetic dyes and fragrances, and other unsavory ingredients that can cause health issues. As Muslims, they diligently read ingredient lists to avoid using fats and byproducts from alcohol, bovine and porcine sources.

Learning about traditional healing systems, including Unani medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Ayurveda and Islamic/prophetic wisdom, along with South Asian home remedies, gave them hope. This knowledge also gave them the courage to develop products customized to their specific requirements.

The couple worked diligently to create an organic wellness line that is natural, halal and free of toxic and synthetic ingredients. Silk Road Wellness is the first fully halal-certified wellness brand in the U.S. A bold fusion of East and West, the distinctive skincare and wellness line is a unique combination of traditional healing systems, prophetic traditions and contemporary natural beauty standards.

All products are free of artificial coloring, preservatives and fillers and come in eco-friendly and reusable packaging. Silk Road is committed to local businesses, fair trade and following sustainability principles. Every product is a celebration of love, culture and good health. Products include solid lotions, natural deodorants, toothpowder, tea spice blends, face masks and polishes, beard balms, beard oils, Hajj & Umrah travel kit, unscented travel kit and more, all designed, handmade, packaged and labeled in the Twin Cities.

“There is an abundance of natural ingredients out there and, at Silk Road Wellness, we continue to discover and implement these ingredients into our ever-expanding line of luxurious skincare and wellness products,” states Qaiser. “Join us on the Silk Road to self-discovery through natural beauty, a healthy lifestyle and holistic wellness.”

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