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Annie Qaiser

Silk Road Wellness

Annie Qaiser

Silk Road Wellness

PO Box 346
Rosemount, MN 55068

Silk Road Wellness is a family-operated business. Our quest for a natural holistic lifestyle led us to create a natural skincare line that focuses on many South Asian home remedies and prophetic traditions that we heard about as children.


AQ is the founder/creator of Silk Road Wellness. She loves reading, writing, painting, and health and wellness. With her love of research and culture, AQ implements new ideas and creates products for SRW.

SK is the founder/tech guru of Silk Road Wellness. He loves technology, nutrition, fitness, and sports. With his natural inclination toward technology, SK brings precision and order to SRW.

Stress Management Team

Our unique Stress Management team includes our children and our cat. The SM team helps with packaging, labeling, and keeping us stress-free, especially before expos when we are scrambling to get everything ready!

With their unique personalities and interests, our Stress managers help us to stay focused and are the best part of SRW!

OUR VISION A bold fusion of East and West – A HALAL skincare line, handmade with natural ingredients from different cultures and prophetic traditions.

For some, it starts with an idea, and for others, it starts with a dream. For us, it started with a need. In 2010, we started making our all natural skin and products in our kitchen. It wasn’t about experimenting for us, it was about creating a product that fit our requirements.

With a plethora of natural ingredients from the East and West, along with a pile of books by the authors of this century and prior, we got to work. After plenty of research, some epic fails, and even more experimentation, we were able to refine our all-natural skincare line. Combining our religious values, cultural history, and love for natural remedies, research, and history, Silk Road Wellness was born.

There is an abundance of natural ingredients out there and at Silk Road Wellness, we love to discover and implement these ingredients into our ever-expanding line of skincare products. Join us on the Silk Road to self-discovery through natural beauty, a healthy lifestyle, and holistic wellness. Welcome to Silk Road Wellness.

OUR PRODUCTS Once we perfected our all natural body lotion, we weren’t going to keep it to ourselves. Whoever we shared our natural body lotion with couldn’t stop asking us for more. This is when we decided to reach out to anyone and everyone whose body deserves the gentle and natural touch of our all natural quality products. This is also when we applied the same formula of building from scratch to our all natural face masks, lip balms, and face serums.

YOUR WELLNESS We are honored, yet humbled by the joy we are able to bring to our loved ones with our natural products. We live by this simple rule: “life is too short, live it well”. If our efforts, our vision, and our belief in all natural skin care can bring wellness to your life, the idea and the dream of Silk Road Wellness is complete.

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