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Silk Road Wellness' Future Looks Bright

Courtesy of Silk Road Wellness

Silk Road Wellness has been full of activity in recent weeks, taking on exciting business opportunities and opening new avenues of growth. With a new storefront at the Community Commons in Mall of America (MOA), the halal-friendly and herbal wellness brand is the first of its kind to be available at MOA. Community Commons is a mall initiative to support small local businesses affected by the pandemic and civil unrest.

"We are so excited to be a part of the initiative at Community Commons,” says Annie Qaiser, founder of Silk Road Wellness. It is an honor to be working with other minority-owned local businesses and learning from them. Having a physical storefront and launching our unique halal wellness brand is a dream come true,"

Additionally, Silk Road Wellness was accepted in the next learning cohort of Lunar Startups, a Twin Cities-based business accelerator program. The business program is designed to help small businesses scale and provides them with professional mentorship. Silk Road Wellness is the first Pakistani-owned and second Muslim-owned business to be selected by Lunar Startups.

"Being chosen by Lunar Startups is a huge deal for Silk Road Wellness,” explains Qaiser. “As a small business that is rapidly growing, we are more than ready for professional guidance and advice from a group of seasoned entrepreneurs and mentors and this opportunity came at the perfect time."

Silk Road Wellness has also expanded its availability in local stores. The halal-certified natural skincare brand is now available in The Charming Lily Boutique, in Apple Valley; Lakewinds Co-op, in Chanhassen; and The Wedge and Linden Hills Co-op, both in Minneapolis.

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Courtesy Silk Road Wellness

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