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Composure Coaching: Coaching for Next Level Success

Following a passion and seeking to do good in this world should be easier. As an entrepreneur, you work 60 hours a week and often miss out on what’s important-time with your family and friends. Worse yet, trying to understand the financial, marketing and human resources sides of your business is confusing and leaves you feeling insecure.

As an entrepreneur herself, Candi Broeffle understands how overwhelming running a business can be. For the past three decades she has purposefully sought out the knowledge and skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur. Now she’s taken the best of what she’s learned and developed specialized coaching programs that will help entrepreneurs like yourself break through to a better business.

Broeffle provides business and marketing coaching for purpose-driven entrepreneurs. As a certified professional coach in Core Energy Coaching, she provides individual and group coaching programs and Mastermind Groups to help you grow your business. Utilizing the principles of attraction marketing, she can help you clarify your marketing message so more of the clients you love to work with are attracted to your business instead of you having to chase after them.

Philosophy: “Composure is a state of tranquility and serenity, feeling secure and confident in all aspects of your life. If you seek to make a difference, build your community and feel more connected and purposeful, then you’re the entrepreneur I love to work with. Together, we will create the plan and build the skills you need to grow your business, so you can lead the life you deserve.”

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