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Herbal Conference Celebrates 10 years

Vandana Shiva Courtesy of Midwest Women's Herbal Conference

The Midwest Women’s Herbal Conference (MWHC), themed “Healing the People, The Planet and the Plants,” will be held virtually on May 7, 8 and 9, with instructors from around the world offering insights and ways to bring traditional healing practices into modern life. Preconference workshops are offered sooner.

International speaker Vandana Shiva, an activist, author, scientist and ecofeminist, will be the main speaker. She will launch the event with a discussion of the health of people and the planet, including Q&A with the audience and the MWHC team. Indigenous activist and performance artist Lyla June will share insights about indigenous food systems and their health benefits, while elder herbalist and activist Rosemary Gladstar will talk about plant wisdom.

Workshop topics include Celtic Healing Wisdom, Chinese Medicine Practices, Ayurvedic Approaches, Myths and Truths About Cannabis, Vitalist Herbal Approaches, Insights from Finland and New Zealand, Indigenous Food and Herbal Traditions, Life Stages, from Birth to Death, The Wise Woman Approach and more.

Conference recordings can be purchased as part of registration. Early registration discounts, vendor and sponsorship opportunities are also available.

Enter to win a weekend pass at To register, visit

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