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A Holistic Approach to Transform Your Body Image

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Barbara Brodsho, Soul Purpose coach and holistic healer, leads an online workshop that features an eight-step holistic approach to transform your relationship with your body from the inside-out. Change your relationship with your body by listening to its wisdom and meeting the hunger that resides in your soul.

Brodsho understands that women often put their hopes and dreams on hold, waiting to pursue them until they are the “perfect” size, shape or look. They find themselves mentally affected by society’s unrealistic beauty standards. Often, they are unable to move forward and struggle to understand why they feel so stuck.

Brodsho is passionate about helping women break free from their negative body image by learning to implement changes from a place of love and acceptance instead of self-criticism. As a result, they experience deeper self-compassion and gratitude that empowers them to create lasting change.

In this eight-week online workshop, Honor the Sacredness of Your Body, Brodsho shares a series of spiritual practices women can use to transform their relationship with their bodies from the inside-out. She also provides participants with guidance and support to implement in their own lives.

For more information, visit and download the free workbook, The Spiritual Practice of Honoring the Sacredness of Your Body. Enroll by March 19 for a daytime option starting March 30 or evening option starting March 31. Early bird discount applies if enrolled by March 1. 


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