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Let Us Speak Truth from a Higher Place

Dec 01, 2020 03:38PM ● By Barbara Brodsho


These bodies of ours are a magnificent creation. It is awe-inspiring how they have the innate intelligence to function without us consciously telling them what to do. It is a miracle how 7.8 billion souls inhabiting bodies on this planet right now are designed with their own unique physical characteristics to reflect their light out into the world.

It was with great discernment that our souls chose our specific physical bodies to bring our light into the world. It was not by chance that we chose them. Our physical bodies have a special meaning and significance to our spiritual journeys.

Our body is a vehicle through which to express our soul’s longings, share our gifts and experiment with the life lessons we have chosen. There is a cry from the deepest part of our soul to embrace our whole self and to understand and appreciate the connection between our body, mind, soul and spirit. It is vital on our journey to awakening and evolving as a spiritual being having this human experience. If we disregard this connection, we tend to focus on the imperfections of our bodies.

Learning to love our bodies is a daily spiritual practice. It is important that our daily spiritual practice examines and reframes the thoughts we think about ourselves and project onto our bodies. It is imperative to honor and express the emotions we feel and notice how and where we carry them in our bodies. It is crucial that we relieve our bodies of the responsibility of speaking for us when we haven’t felt safe. It is essential that we develop self-compassion for how we’ve coped with difficult experiences in order to meet our needs at the time. Through that process, we may have unconsciously made choices that have harmed our bodies.

It is critical to scrutinize how we choose to speak to ourselves and to our bodies because words are powerful. They have the power to hurt us or heal us. As a daily spiritual practice, let us speak our Divine Truth from a higher place. The I Am Presence, the God that is within, can express itself through us and lead us to that higher place if we call upon It.

Let us hear our Divine Truth from a higher place by taking time to listen to the innate wisdom of, and connection between, our body, mind, soul and spirit. That part of our Higher Self can lead us to a higher place if we get in touch with It, listen to It and honor It.

Through these daily spiritual practices, we become less reliant upon what external voices recommend we do to be approved of by society, our culture, family, friends or religious teachings. As we develop self-compassion and self-love, we learn to find and listen to our own inner voice. We learn who we are as the authentic beings we were created to be. We become empowered to trust our own truth and live in alignment with our own divine nature. Through this process, we develop a greater appreciation and gratitude for ourselves and for our bodies.

Our bodies are a sacred vessel of manifestation. We have chosen a physical body that will best serve our purposes for being here on Earth. It is to be highly regarded as a holy temple through which our creative energy flows. When we speak and hear our Divine Truth from a higher place, our body relaxes. Our creative energy flows through us more freely. We feel more grounded and fully embodied. We are better able to express our emotions and experience pleasure in all of its forms through our human body. Our respect for ourselves and our bodies deepens. Our heart opens and we are better able to give and receive love. We trust our own inner voice and speak our authentic truth. More possibilities and options open to us. We connect more freely to the divine and the One who created us. We tap into the abundance of the Universe.

This is a most important purpose for us being here: To discover and express our divine nature through our physical human body. Let it come together beautifully—let it integrate seamlessly. Let our bodies, minds, souls and spirits work together in harmony to do what our souls are longing to do here—to grow and evolve in consciousness of the beautiful, divine beings of light and love that we are. Learning to love and accept ourselves and the vessel we have chosen will open us to reflect a greater degree of light and love out into the world.

Barbara Brodsho is a soul purpose coach and holistic healer who empowers highly conscious spiritual seekers, creators and leaders to express their soul’s innate gifts and understand their life experiences from their soul’s perspective. As a result, they experience greater joy, abundance and fulfillment while creating and living passionate, purpose-filled lives. She has a master’s degree in theology and certifications in spiritual direction, energy medicine, and soul-level healing using the Akashic Records. For more information, visit

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Honoring the Sacredness of Our Bodies