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Post Covid Recovery Success

MetroEast Natural Healing Center is hosting a workshop for people struggling with the residual effects of Covid-19. Learn about a non-invasive, science-based, biofeedback analysis technique that is used to identify the underlying cause to a long hauler’s lingering symptoms and what is challenging your immune system. The workshop is offered twice, from 6:15-7:00 pm on April 7 or April 19.

According to the Mayo Clinic, most people who get Covid-19 will completely recover in a few weeks. However, some people continue to experience symptoms after their initial recovery. We call these “long haulers”. Long Hauler symptoms range from fatigue to intermittent fever, as well as chest pain and headache, among other symptoms.

In the workshop, Dr. Marty Furlong will explain why conventional treatment methods do not work and why some people experience long hauler symptoms while others do not. He will also offer simple steps participants can take for healing and prevention.

For those who become patients, test results will be used to help identify and safely remove toxins and replace the vital missing nutrients their body indicates are needed to fully recover. Patients will receive a fully customized program designed to restore their health.

Cost: Free Location: 6993 35th St N. #2, Oakdale. For more information, visit or call (651)771-1703 to reserve your spot.