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Transformational Group Coaching with Nea Clare Begins May 24

Courtesy of Nea Clare

For many people, 2020 was a time of powerful reflection. Having quiet time to one’s self, disconnected from daily routines and distractions, many people used the opportunity to reflect on who they are, what they do in life, and what they really want. Reflection can open the door to possibility—which can be exciting—but it can also be overwhelming.

“So many people who have great ideas and dreams end up talking themselves out of it before they even get started,” explains Nea Clare, activation coach and spiritual teacher. “Without action, they will end up trading their dream for certainty and comfort.”

Living Masterfully is a six-month online group coaching program designed to provide guidance, support and engagement to help one move from inspiration to action. Clare specializes in helping her clients get clear so they can find the next right action in their lives. She says that clarity is a catalyst for willingness, and willingness is needed to take bold actions.

“Choosing to pay attention to what you really want for your life is a bold move,” says Clare. “And it is something that is very hard to do on your own.” She goes on to explain that it is a huge challenge to be able to see yourself, your progress and your worthiness, especially when trying something new. “Group coaching is a great way to be seen and make significant progress on your goals quickly,” she shares. “Working in a group, you get the benefit of learning, sharing and celebrating with each other. Engaging in a highly calibrated circle of support is a new experience for many and has been one of the biggest impacts for previous participants.”

Cost: $2,200 (early bird is $1,888 before May 10). Space is limited. To register, contact [email protected] or visit

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