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Bring Healing to a Healthcare Worker

© Robert Kneschke

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on our nation’s healthcare workers. Many suffer from exhaustion, stress, burnout and the trauma of caring for so many ill and dying patients. Though we have good news about vaccinations and a leveling off of new cases, our healthcare givers still have a lot of work ahead of them. We are not at the finish line yet.

Master health and inner wellness coach, Debbie Mechley, saw the need and was determined to find a way to bring support and healing to these heroes. Having spent years as an obstetrics and gynecology nurse as well as a spiritual advisor for a local hospice agency, she understands the unique needs of those in the healthcare fields.

“Whether it’s a doctor, nurse, radiologist or housekeeper, each healthcare worker has been stretched to their limits,” explains Mechley. “Not only are they working long hours under extremely stressful situations, but most have also needed to support children doing online learning and spouses working from home.”

After several months of concerted effort, Mechley created The Healthcare Renew Program, a 12-week, on-demand, online coaching program that includes self-awareness tools, breathing practices, meditations and other helpful techniques. Determined to provide daily support to those in the program, she also developed daily Quick Renew videos to provide accountability and help nurses, doctors, caregivers and support staff to heal and renew from the effects of this crisis.

Understanding that many people want to support our healthcare workers, Mechley created a gifting program. “Now, you can gift the program to a friend, family member, in memory or honor of someone or even a stranger,” shares Mechley. “To ensure that we leave no healthcare worker uncared for, Healthcare Renew will donate a program for every program purchased.”

Cost: $99 (includes one regular and one gift registration). To learn more and to make purchases, visit

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