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It’s Time to Order Your Kwee-Jack Salmon Shares

Courtesy of Kwee-Jack Fish Company

Twin Cities residents can now enjoy wild Alaskan salmon, thanks to Kwee-Jack Fish Company. The ordering season for sustainably harvested wild Alaskan salmon is underway through August as the company prepares for the summer fishing season in Bristol Bay, Alaska.

Bristol Bay boasts the largest sockeye (red) salmon run in the world, averaging over 30 million salmon each year for the last few decades. The fishery is vigilantly managed by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, who oversee strict regulations for the commercial harvest of salmon resources. Marine biologists conduct studies each year to predict the return of salmon in subsequent years.

Sound scientific management combined with the pristine environment of Bristol Bay all contribute to making wild Alaskan salmon not only one of the healthiest sources of protein on the planet, but also a truly well-managed resource sustainable for generations to come.

“From a small skiff near the mouth of the Kvichak River in June and July, our small crew of set-net fishermen will hand-pick sockeye from the net to be rapidly chilled, professionally fileted and deep-frozen at the peak of freshness,” shares Noah Locke, community supported fishery director. “Each vivid red filet is sushi-grade, with bones removed and skin on one side, and offers amazing flavor and versatility for a variety of quick and nutritious meals.”

Participate in the community supported fishery (CSF) by ordering 20-pound shares or 10-pound half-shares of sockeye salmon online at The Twin Cities pick-up event is scheduled for the weekend of September 25 to 26; exact location is yet to be determined.

Cost: $159.99 for 10-lb. half-shares; $305 for 20-lb. shares. For more information, call 608-235-1443 or email [email protected].

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