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Mycelium Mysteries: Women's Mushroom Conference


The Midwest Women’s Herbal Conference, Mycelium Mysteries, will be held in-person, from September 24 through 26, at Bethel Horizons, in Dodgeville, Wisconsin. Pre-conference and post-conference events will be offering deep dives into topics related to mycology, personal growth, ethnomycology and mushrooms through the eye of fiber arts.

In addition to a program facilitated by internationally acclaimed fiber artist Alissa Allen, of Mycopigments, keynote speakers include ethnomycologist Elinoar Savit, with an address titled Keepers of the Lore, highlighting women’s role in keeping stories and traditions alive; and mycologist Sara Foltz Jordan, offering an address titled Seeing Mushrooms, a glimpse into other amazing visuals of mushrooms in our region.

For more information and registration, visit

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