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Near Death Experience Assistance

Courtesy of Tracy Sigfrid

For those that have experienced or believe they may have experienced a near death experience (NDE), there is now someone they can speak to who truly understands. Tracy Sigfrid is a multiple NDE survivor who helps others to frame their event and provides a safe space to process what has happened that is free of judgement.

Sigfrid understands how difficult it can be to share this event with friends or family. “You can talk with people who have not experienced an NDE,” she explains, “but it is more clearly understood by someone who has also experienced their own NDE.”

People will be able to clear any confusion they may be feeling and will be validated in their personal journey. Those that have had an NDE often report that once they understand what has occurred, they have increased intuition and are often able to bridge previously difficult relationships, resulting in more clarity and a deeper understanding of what is important in life.

“NDEs are unlike anything else you may have ever experienced,” continues Sigfrid. “There is not a team to turn to, yet you need support because what you have experienced is so profound and life-changing.”

Cost: $50/half-hour, $80/hour. Private sessions can be in-person, by phone or online. For more information and to schedule an appointment, call 952-381-2850.

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