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Near Death Experience: Life is a Bigger Story

Oct 31, 2021 08:00PM ● By Tracy Sigfrid


Although the thought of death and dying can produce fear of the unknown, most people who have had a near-death experience (NDE) are a lot less afraid of dying. NDE is a very real and profound life event. There will always be skeptics of NDEs, until they experience their own NDE event.

NDE defined. It is a profound personal experience associated with death or impending death which researchers claim share similar characteristics. It is not a mystery, although it may seem mysterious.

One can only guess the percentage of NDE’s that adults experience. The only statistics available are those that have been reported to the medical profession, and there are far more individuals who never share their NDE event for various personal reasons.

Children experience NDEs as well. Their little minds cannot always process the event let alone try to explain the event to an adult. Children very often are able to see loved ones who have passed on. In theory, their minds might be less cluttered with static information and they are open to receiving messages or visits from loved ones who have passed.

An NDE provides a vivid glimpse of what is to come when we leave this life. During an NDE, one knows without a doubt that they are on the Other Side. Some individuals are disappointed that they are “returned” to their former life after being shown the beauty on the Other Side. In reality, they were sent back to their physical body and physical life to complete their journey, and most survivors are given this explanation prior to returning to their physical body.

The most common NDE is reported as traveling through a long tunnel and seeing a bright warm light. There is so much more involved with an NDE than a tunnel and bright light. Some may share similar details about their NDE, but most NDEs are very different because every human being is different and each NDE is unique in the details.

It is common for people who have had an NDE to have enhanced empathic abilities, including vision dreams. The sixth sense, or gut feeling, is also more fine-tuned. Some people experience an increased awareness of life itself and their life presence in this realm. Some may experience a deep longing to return to the Other Side to see their dearly departed loved ones, and some may have difficulty acclimating upon returning to their physical life after having seen such beauty and having felt so much love while on the Other Side.

Some individuals are keenly aware of what they have experienced, and some question why the NDE occurred at all. Most set out on a quest for answers, whether through their own research or seeking help from a medical professional. Almost always, an NDE affects the survivor so profoundly that they set out on a path to be a better person for themselves and others.

The writer of this article kept her NDE private for years. I did so for several reasons. I did not feel anyone would understand my unique experience and I was concerned I would be labeled in some way. I was also aware of the impact my vision/dreams might have on others close to me, especially those visions that involved sadness or death. At times, it was difficult to hold emotions so tightly. I instinctively knew when to share details that might help someone, and also knew when sharing would not benefit the person.

Oftentimes, people seek professional therapy in an effort to process their NDE event, while others relate well to someone who has experienced the same. Sharing the NDE with another NDE survivor provides validation and comfort and, in some cases, answers to questions. It may be helpful to discuss what was revealed on the Other Side and the emotions and memories that remain. 

 Survivors know beyond any doubt that when they experience an NDE; they have visited the Other Side. They are shown that they are not alone, and they feel and see others who are guiding them en route to the Other Side and back to our physical bodies.

After processing an NDE, survivors more fully understand the bigger story about their life and about Life itself and will be less fearful of leaving the physical life one day.

Courtesy of Tracy Sigfrid

 Tracy Sigfrid is an NDE guide and president of Ventum Medical, LLC in Minneapolis. She helps others transition after an NDE to find purpose and meaning in their life journey. To schedule a private and confidential session, call 952-381-2850.

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