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Your Home as a Beacon of Light

Nov 30, 2021 08:00PM ● By Annette Rugolo

© Ekaterina Senyutina

Moving into the shortest days of the year provides us with wonderful opportunities to create more light for ourselves and the world. It seems every year we begin earlier to fill our homes and properties with festive lights. It is in celebration of Christmas and the holiday season, but it is also our desire to stay connected with the light as the days get shorter.

Staying connected to the light has been done on a physical level since the invention of candles and then electricity, but it can also be done on an energetic level. Light is available beyond the darkness once we know how to connect to it. We know that the sun is still doing its thing above the clouds on a cloudy day, and it is the same thing as we go into this season. The challenge is that this season of shorter days lasts so much longer than a few cloudy days.

Accessing the Light that Exists

The light exists in the quantum field, which is beyond the physical dimensions of our world. We cannot see it with our physical eyes but many are beginning to see it, feel it and even smell it with their heightened senses. The quantum field can be accessed consciously by simply bringing our awareness three-feet above the top of the head. This elevates us from our three-dimensional world and connects us to the fourth dimension, which gives access to the light that is always with us.

The quantum field holds more than white light; it holds all the colors of the rainbow and more. Each color holds a quality which many have already begun to understand. For instance, we know that the color of healing is green, and the color of love is rose. Each color that is accessed holds a quality, and as we connect with a color, we are also connecting with the quality of that color.

The messages we hear during this season in the movies we watch and the songs we listen to are messages of peace on Earth and goodwill to all. It is a season of love. What we now understand is that peace holds a vibration and that vibration has a color. The color of peace is magenta, and as is already known, the color of love is rose.

When we begin to access these colors, or light frequencies, consciously and with intention, we can fill our homes with the light of the Universe. Then our home become a beacon of light for ourselves, our families and all who visit.

Knowing that frequencies of peace and love are magenta and rose, you can also bring in these colors on a physical level. Candles, decorations, napkins and placemats will add these vibrations to your family celebrations.

Energy created by emotions and thoughts creates an energetic dust that gathers and builds over time. Before filling the home with light, it is important to create a clear container that holds the light. To download a free meditation to cleanse and fill your home with peace and love for the season, visit

©Annette Rugolo, Master Dowser

 Annette Rugolo has been connecting with light frequencies through the Inner Diamond Method since 2001 and has since guided thousands of students on how to connect with 24 light frequencies to transform their lives and their spaces. For more information about Rugolo and the services she provides, visit


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