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You are Soul, an eternal, creative being. Unlimited. Divine. 

Eckankar (ECK) is an active, individual, creative spiritual practice. A companion and road map for your journey home—to the heights of Self-Discovery and God-Discovery, and beyond. Eckankar teaches simple creative exercises that unlock deep inner reserves of truth you have attained over lifetimes. You will come to know there is so much more to life than what we see.

The Spiritual Exercises of ECK, introduced by Paul Twitchell, are designed to help you expand your awareness and have greater control of your life. Practiced privately and at your own pace, these exercises can be fine-tuned to achieve your own spiritual goals. As a member, you can:

  • Explore all the spiritual skills and talents that lie within you to navigate life with greater ease. These truths are for you to discover through your own personal experience. 

  • Unlock the hidden meaning of your dreams. Soul never sleeps. Your nightly dreams are real experiences in other worlds. 

  • Discover your past lives and how they affect your life today. Consciously expand your awareness via Soul Travel. Experience proof of your eternal nature. 

  • Find inner peace and love amid the apparent chaos of life. Discover how you are creating your own reality every moment.

ECK membership is a dynamic program for advanced spiritual living. Whatever your goals are in life, you can see and pursue them from a higher spiritual perspective.

Come along and discover the most secret part of yourself. The key to spiritual freedom lies within you. 

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Being Creative in Your Spiritual Practice with Crary Brouhard and Benny Callaghan

Being Creative in Your Spiritual Practice with Crary Brouhard and Benny Callaghan

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