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Energy Shift: Learn to Heal the Energy of Your Home and Environment

© Courtesy of Annette Rugolo

As people have spent more time in their homes over the past two years, working, learning and cohabitating, the added stress has affected the energy for the worse. Negative energy brought on from the stress of these unusual living environments, as well as the fear and strife of a global pandemic and this country’s racial, social and political issues, could be resulting in more family arguments and discomfort.

There is a way to change the energy of the home and environment so families can experience more peace and joy. Beginning February 2, Annette Rugolo will lead a six-week Diamond Dowsing Basic webinar in which participants will learn a technique of dowsing that will help them find and cure negative vibrations in their home, office and environment. This course teaches the techniques that have helped thousands of people around the world clear, transform and heal the energy of their homes and land.

“Past participants of this course report an increase in their personal and environmental energy levels,” reports Rugolo. “Headaches, foggy brain, sleep issues and overall unease are alleviated as they learn how to cure geopathic stress lines, negative vortexes, Hartmann and Curry lines and more. It is truly transformational.”

The course is also excellent for realtors and home sellers. Clearing the energy and raising the vibration of the home makes it more attractive to potential homebuyers, especially if the home was filled with grief or anger. “We have all experienced walking into a room where people had been arguing or into a space where people are grieving the loss of a loved one,” explains Rugolo. “The energy is heavy with sadness or anger.” This also happens in homes when people are ending a relationship. The property may be great on paper and have all the features buyers would love to have, but they do not make an offer. They say things like “It just doesn’t feel right.” These are called Divorce Homes and they stay on the market longer than one would expect. Dowsing to remove negative vortexes and raising the energy level can make a difference in selling a home quickly.

Rugolo is a master instructor certified by Marie Diamond. She has been teaching dowsing and space clearing classes since 2006 and is passionate about helping people transform their lives and their environments. Her company, Conscious Life Resources, offers classes, consulting and transformation products to help people align and create a powerful connection with the Universe and Mother Earth.

Cost: $298. Webinar. To learn more, attend a free informational webinar on January 19 at 7 pm. To register, visit 
FreeWebinarRegistration. For more information, visit


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