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Dowsing: An Unusual Word for a Simple Practice

Annette Rugolo

The word dowsing stems from the Latin root for "radiation" and the Greek word for  "perception." But dowsing actually dates back more than 5,000 years to the ancient cultures of China, Egypt and other ancient civilizations who used the process to find water, minerals and other resources and to improve their sleep, health and well-being by working with the flow of energy in their environment.

Whether using a pendulum or dowsing rods, the technique allows you to detect and neutralize stress energy created by disturbances to the Earth's natural, harmonious energy flow. These disturbances include electromagnetic fields created by power lines and electrical appliances as well as geopathic stress caused by natural underground water flows, geological fractions and fault lines.

Geophysicists, medical specialists and dowsers are increasingly working in countries around the world to understand the increased risks of certain cancers and immune system dysfunction from long-term exposure to such disturbances.

Even if you're not a dowser yet, there are simple things you can do to detect and reduce risks.

#1 Look Around You

The impact of geopathic stress can sometimes be seen on the Earth's surface in the form of cracks in walls or in the ground, even concrete parking areas.

Breaks in plant growth such as tree lines or shrubs, where one tree or shrub is dying or is much shorter than the surrounding ones, is another indicator.

When you see these indicators, you can follow where they go. If their path leads to a place where you spend a lot of time, such as in your bed or at your desk, then you can simply move your bed or desk and see if you sleep better or wake up feeling more refreshed.

#2 Pay Attention to How You Feel

If you're restless when sleeping at night, that could be a sign there's stressed energy passing beneath your bed. Consider moving your bed to a different area of the room. If you have difficulty concentrating at your desk, try working at another location for a week or two. See how your energy level and ability to focus may change.

#3 Keep an Eye on Pets

If you have pets, watch where they hang out and sleep. Dogs are attracted to positive energy vortexes and cats to negative ones.

An energy vortex is a spiraling of energy at a specific point. Positive vortexes spiral upward in a clockwise motion and create an enhancing flow of energy. Dogs are attracted to them and may sleep within them. People tend to gather and linger in these locations as well.

Negative vortexes spiral downward in a counterclockwise motion and create a draining or depleting energy. While these areas can create stress for humans, cats tend to be attracted to them. Avoid spending too much time in these areas.

Dowsing relies on your natural intuitive ability to sense the energy around you. By simply paying greater attention to your internal sensory perceptions, you can naturally support your body and mind with more harmonious energy in your life.

Annette Rugolo has been transforming homes though dowsing and space clearing since 2005 and has been teaching classes since 2006. Her next class is scheduled for February 9 to 11 at a Marriott airport hotel. For more information about the class or having your home energetically healed, call 612-605-8608 or visit For more tips on how to become more aware of energy in your environment, email [email protected].

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