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Lip/Tongue-Tie Release & Myofunctional Therapy Help with Nutrition

Courtesy of Pure Dental

Lip/tongue-ties are malformed oral tissues that restrict the lip/tongue's range of motion. Once thought to only impact babies for breastfeeding, it is now known to affect a multitude of health issues from proper jaw development of children to sleep apnea into adulthood.

Releasing lip/tongue-ties coupled with myofunctional therapy can help retrain lip, tongue and facial muscles and is now an integral part of oral and dental health. Amy Ha Truong, DDS, of Pure Dental, is expanding their services to offer Lip/Tongue-Tie Release using the latest technology, including the use of a CO2 laser, which is a quick and gentle procedure. They are also offering myofunctional therapy which provides appointments both onsite or online.

Lip/tongue-tie releases and myofunctional therapy can help promote proper facial and jaw development; develop healthy eating habits; improve speech difficulties; straighten teeth; correct mouth breathing issues; address clenching and grinding; relieve facial, neck and jaw tension; and improve sleep apnea.

The procedure is simple, fast and lasting. A myofunctional therapist will prescribe a series of exercises to retrain and strengthen tongue muscles for the new range of motion patients will experience. "We are excited to expand our services to include lip/tongue-tie releases and myofunctional therapy to help with a wider range of oral health benefits for our patients," shares Truong. 

Location: 6230 10th St. N., Ste. 520, Oakdale. For more information and appointments, call 651-731-3064 or visit

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