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Discover Your Purpose - Empower Your Life

Courtesy of Empowerment, Inc.

Many people are looking to make improvements in their lives, including more conscious communication in their relationships, starting or expanding a business, improving their health and fitness, having more ease in their day-to-day activities, achieving more professional success or searching for their purpose. Though we all have the ability to empower ourselves, sometimes we get stuck. However, we do not need to stay stuck. We can overcome a great deal by unlocking the power of language and communication of the unconscious mind.

One of the most effective, proven techniques is neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). Described as a user manual for our conscious and unconscious mind, NLP offers an opportunity to explore how our mind and emotions work in achieving goals, and how to let go of negative emotions and behaviors to create a mindset that can achieve lasting results.

Empowerment, Inc. is offering an Integrative NLP Practitioner Certification Training, April 21 to 24, at the Marriott Minneapolis Airport. This four-day experiential training program provides proven techniques to communicate more effectively, build rapport easily, reprogram the mind for success, release limiting beliefs and behaviors, gain clarity in core values, and overcome procrastination, lack of motivation, depression and phobias.

With 40 years of experience, Empowerment, Inc., led by Dr. Matt James, is a leading authority in providing the most powerful training experiences in alternative and integrative approaches in psychology, human understanding, neuroscience and personal growth. Offering a unique blend of neuroscience, energy and emotional psychology, his team is committed to helping people live intentionally and experience total freedom, fulfillment and autonomy in all areas of their lives

Cost: $144 with promo code NATURAL. Location: 2020 American Blvd. E., Bloomington. For more information and to register, visit For questions, call 800-800-6463 or email [email protected]

photo courtesy of Bryce Youk

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