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Touching Memoir on Understanding Your Empath Child’s Mental Health

Courtesy of Empath Mama

Local author, speaker, coach and Empath Mama, Heather Nardi is publishing her memoir, The Sensitive Ones: Healing and Understanding Your Child’s Mental Health, through Wise Ink, and it is available everywhere books are sold.

When Nardi discovered that she and her daughter were both sensitive empaths, everything started to make sense. Upon further research, she realized that empaths and highly sensitive people (HSP) are often seen as problematic—quiet, too sensitive and too emotional. Nardi is now a fierce advocate for other families shifting the story from “disorder” to “trait”. The Sensitive Ones introduces HSP characteristics and offers advice for parenting a sensitive child, like coping skills, how to be an advocate, holistic health pathways  and how understanding and acceptance can heal the past and present.

In 2019, Nardi launched Empath Mama,  a community that provides education, support and a sacred space for like-feeling mothers that understand the challenges of sensitive soul parenting. Based on her own experiences as a sensitive empath mom raising an empath daughter, Nardi works to help similar families understand the sensitive empath trait and enjoy the same empowering shift she herself experienced after researching holistic, spiritual methods for supporting herself and her child. She draws from her extensive education as a holistic life coach and spiritual practitioner to create specialized tools and programs. Her writing has appeared in The Highly Sensitive RefugeThrive GlobalElephant Journal and Medium.

Cost: $18.95. For more information, visit


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