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Exercise to the Beat of Danceteria

Courtesy of Rafe Gomez

Rafe Gomez has recently launched Danceteria REWIND on the Twitch live streaming platform for people who are searching for a fun vibe. The weekly show streams from 7 to 9 p.m. on Thursdays.

Danceteria REWIND is a free, weekly, two-hour tribute to the innovative music blend that was featured at Danceteria, one of Manhattan’s most popular and influential nightclubs in the 1980s. “Danceteria REWIND features reggae, electro hip-hop, old-school funk, salsa, ska, new wave, techno and rap hits that rocked the dancefloor of Danceteria during the years that it operated from 1979 to 1986,” shares Gomez. “The musical diversity of Danceteria REWIND makes it an ideal workout mix:  The tempo begins at 70 BPM and, over its two-hour length, seamlessly elevates to 150 BPM.”

The goal of Danceteria REWIND is to recreate the club’s innovative sonic vibe. Gomez serves up floor-filling jams and special DJ versions of hits that have not been presented in workout mixes before, including active tracks by Kraftwerk, Man Parrish, Run DMC, Grace Jones, the Beastie Boys, The Clash, Liquid, James Brown, Madonna and more.

Danceteria REWIND provides fitness/exercise enthusiasts of all levels a fun and energetic audio enhancement that can ramp up their gym, outdoor and at-home workouts.

For more information, visit Twitch.TV/DanceteriaRewind.

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