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Autumn Equinox Spiritual Retreat in Minneapolis

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When people think of places for a spiritual retreat, they usually think of places such as Sedona, Mt. Shasta, Stonehenge or Machu Picchu. Though it is wonderful to travel to the famous power centers of the world, sometimes it is fun to explore that which is available in one’s own backyard, which is why Annette Rugolo is offering a three-and-a-half-day Autumn Equinox Spiritual Retreat, in Minneapolis, September 19 to 22.

Not many would consider Minneapolis a place to gather for a powerful spiritual experience. However, there are places in and around Minneapolis that are considered power spots. These places come to mind for many when thinking of visiting places in nature, and include the Minnesota Landscape ArboretumLake Minnetonka and Minnehaha Falls. Those who have spent time in these places have connected to some of the energetic power centers in the Twin Cities.

There are reasons that make these locations, as well as others around the area, power centers. Just like humans, the Earth has an etheric body, and we live in the first layer of its seven layers. This etheric body is connected to the physical body of the planet, just like ours is connected to our physical body.

Our etheric body can become damaged or sick through injuries, surgeries or too much alcohol or drugs. The etheric body of the Earth also becomes damaged in the same way through impact, pollution and negativity created by humans.

“These high vibration areas have remained relatively untouched and undamaged and therefore hold their original high vibration,” explains Rugolo. “When we connect with one of these power centers, we immediately feel it as we walk into the area.”

There is also something called the Environmental Law of Attraction. When a place is vibrating at a high vibration, it attracts souls to live in this area. Those who have been residents in Minneapolis for a long time may have heard or know people who have done amazing spiritual work in this city. Teachers, healers, coaches and anyone who works in the transformation field have assisted in keeping the vibration of these power spots at a high level.

“Another important aspect of Minneapolis is that it is at the heart of the North American continent,” explains Rugolo. “Many have tapped into this energy to help expand its energetic heart over the years.”

Rugolo is an environmental healer, soul coach and teacher and specializes in clearing the energy from homes, offices and land. She has led over 15 spiritual retreats since 2008 and is excited to be bringing her first spiritual retreat to Minneapolis.

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