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Safe Use of Cell Phones to Protect Against EMFs

Sep 30, 2022 08:00PM ● By Joyce Sobotta


Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) are man-made frequencies that are affecting every person. Very few people know about the many dangers they pose. The cumulative effect of radiation from exposure to cell phones, Wi-Fi, cellphone towers, microwaves, body scanners and mammogram scans are a fundamental concern.

There are many other devices that we use every day in our homes such as blow dryers, electric toothbrushes, microwaves, laptops, tablets, smart TVs and smart meters that have EMF radiation. It is essential to unplug electrical cords that are not being used.

Millions of people are wearing fitness tracking devices and smart watches that emit EMF radiation. Manufactures deny harm coming from them, saying that the amount or EMFs is insignificant. But the accumulation of so many sources should be concerning. Cell towers with the new 5G emit higher levels of EMFs and raise additional havoc with our health and immune systems. Studies have shown that cell phone towers and the use of cell phones are emitting the highest amounts of EMFs.

Safe Use of Cell Phones 

The National Research Council has reported that exposure to cell phone radiation may affect the immune, endocrine and nervous systems, fetal development and overall metabolism. Small lifestyle adjustments can be made to reduce potential risks associated with mobile phone technology.

Minimize your risk by taking these precautionary measures: use speakerphone or a safe headset. Keep the phone away from your head as much as possible. If you hold the phone two inches away, the signal is about one-fourth the original strength. When possible, hold the phone away until you connect or text. It limits the duration of exposure and keeps the phone farther from your head and body. 

Avoid weak signals. When the phone must work hard to find a signal, more radiation is emitted. Use the phone outside when possible and avoid use in basements, elevators or a closed area like a parked car. Switch to flight mode when not in use. Flight mode turns off the wireless transmitter, thereby reducing exposure to radiation fields. Avoid use in a moving vehicle where the cell phone antenna is constantly scanning for contact.

Carry it away from your body and never in your bra. Position the keypad toward your body and the back away from your body to help direct the electromagnetic fields away from you. Do not sleep near your cell phone. Electromagnetic fields have been shown to disrupt melatonin production. Sleep and overall health are disrupted. Always charge your phone in another room.  

There is technology that reduces the effects of EMFs on your body. Tachyon technology is available in the form of pendants, disks for computers and cell phones, and cubes for electrical cords. This provides the potential needed to create a balanced flow of energy that will be unaffected by EMFs and 5G technology.

Allow your body to absorb the natural healing energy of the earth to help with EMF exposure. Spend time outside in nature—barefoot, if possible—near natural bodies of water, working in the soil or hiking in a woodland.

Courtesy of Joyce Sobotta

 Joyce Sobotta is the founder of the international business, Healthy Girls Breast Oil, a unique, effective essential oil blend for breast health. She offers consultations for natural breast health and is the author of Breast Health is in Your Hands, Tips for Breast Vitality and Sensuality. For more information, visit


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