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Natural Smiles Dental Care Now Offers LBR Therapy


Madelyn Pearson, of Natural Smiles Dental Care, in Shoreview, is now providing a new service available at patients’ checkup and cleaning appointments that will significantly contribute to improving overall health. Laser Bacterial Reduction (LBR) therapy positively impacts periodontal health beyond the capability of traditional ultrasonic scalers and hand instruments. However, the impact of LBR does not end in the mouth. Periodontal disease affects nearly 80 percent of adults in the United States. Numerous studies have linked periodontal inflammation and the resulting increased levels of anaerobic bacteria to an increased likelihood of heart disease, kidney failure, diabetes and stroke.

At any given moment, our mouths are occupied by approximately 6 billion bacteria. Many of these bacteria are beneficial aerobic bacteria, but within the periodontal pockets exist a high concentration of harmful anaerobic bacteria that cause periodontal disease. LBR brings the numbers of those harmful bacteria from the billions down into hundreds for a period of six to eight weeks, dramatically reducing both inflammation and sulfurous gasses (halitosis) and creating a healthier mouth. Mouth rinses also contribute to reducing these harmful bacteria, but they only reach areas approximately one millimeter below the gum line, whereas LBR reaches as deep as five to six millimeters below the gum line where the highest concentrations of anaerobic bacteria exist.    

In addition to reducing bacteria, the laser stimulates bone growth, collagen formation and circulation by the process of photobiomodulation. Photobiomodulation works primarily by positively affecting the mitochondria in our cells. When cells get stressed (due to disease, injury or aging), the mitochondria produce nitric oxide. Nitric oxide competitively displaces oxygen consequently reducing levels of ATP, an essential cellular energy and signaling molecule, and increasing production of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), leading to oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is well known to lead to inflammation and cell death. 

Zachary Bailey, DDS, who recently joined Natural Smiles Dental Care, recommends LBR therapy. “LBR reduces oxidative stress by disassociating nitric oxide from the cells' mitochondria, allowing oxygen to replace it,” explains Bailey.

“Just as composite fillings were not covered by insurance plans for decades, because LBR is a newer treatment modality, it is also not currently covered by insurance plans,” shares Pearson. “All of our hygienists are trained in LBR and will only recommend its use when they feel it would provide a significant benefit to the patient.”

LBR is relatively inexpensive and is performed at the regular checkup and cleaning appointment. It is a pain-free procedure, requires no anesthesia, is an additional step that can be taken on the road to better overall health.

Location: 3434 Lexington Ave. N., Ste. 700, Shoreview. For more information, call 651-483-9800 and/or visit


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