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Releasing Emotional Baggage

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While nutritious food, exercise, great sleep and managing stress are keys to maintaining health, research has shown that community connection plays an even greater role in our well-being. 

Retired Doctor of Chiropractic Bradley Nelson discovered that many people have heart walls that can lead to isolation, depression, divorce, pain, abuse and more. Heart walls are energetic walls created by our subconscious mind to protect us from danger. It turns out emotional baggage is invisible yet real. Trapped emotions are well- defined energetics with a shape and a form, and these emotional energies make up these walls. 

Mary Rice, owner of Your Healing Connection, recommends Nelson’s  book The Emotion Code to all of her clients. 

"Releasing heart walls allows people to feel again, experience more love, joy and connection and better health," says Rice. "The book is filled with life-changing stories and research of the benefits of this work."

Cost: $23.49, available at most bookstores. To learn more, visit


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