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Friendship Building Events for Minnesota Women

Kookabara meeting

Courtesy of KookaburraMeets

Erica Schulte-King, founder of Kookaburra Meets, announces the schedule of spring/early summer events coordinated specifically to encourage friendship among Minnesota women. At 10 a.m., on May 7, interested parties can join for a leisurely 2.8-mile walk around Lake Harriet, in Minneapolis. 

“Everyone is welcome,” shares Schulte-King. “Even if you are not interested or able to make the walk, I encourage you to come. There will be others who will want to leisurely stroll closer to the bandshell or just sit and visit.”

Wanting to provide access to as many women as possible, Schulte-King has scheduled a special evening event, from 6 to 9 p.m., on May 18, at Camp Bar, in St. Paul. A hike at the Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve, at 9 a.m., on May 20, rounds out the May events. 

Kookaburra Meets began after an impulsive TikTok video in which Schulte-King shared how difficult it was to make friends in Minnesota. She heard from hundreds of women sharing their own struggles with making friends, so an idea was birthed to connect women seeking friendships. She boldly stated that she would be at Lake Harriet one Saturday morning in November and invited others to join her.

Women from all over the country shared how they wished they could be there, confirming her belief that many felt disconnected and lonely. Not knowing if anyone would indeed show up, Schulte-King got to the bandstand early and held up a sign with the TikTok logo and her channel #eckadoo. She hoped that at least one or two people would show up and, instead, welcomed over 100 women at that first event. Following this success, Kookaburra Meets, a company dedicated to connecting women of all backgrounds, was born.

Additional events this summer will include a Stillwater Riverboat Cruise in June and an evening event at the Northland Country Club in Duluth in July, with more events being planned for later in the year..:

Cost: Free-$54, depending on event. For more information, visit


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