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Four Steps for a Smooth Transition to a Successful School Year

Jul 30, 2023 08:00PM ● By Bethany Habbena
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Courtesy of Hope Academy

It is that time again—summer is winding down and the energy for school in the fall is ramping up. Along with the excitement and anticipation for school to start, there also come anxieties. There are so many pieces that need to be put in place for the fall transition to go smoothly, as well as plenty of planning and preparation that need be done before the first day of school. All of this can be overwhelming, but taking a few steps ahead of time can help adequately prepare for the upcoming school year.

Steady Morning Routine

The first step is to subtly get the mind and body into the routine of the school year. One effective way to accomplish this is to start a consistent morning routine. Often, when in the summer vacation mode, a schedule can be very loose or nonexistent. Start with a simple morning routine of getting up at the same time every day. This will prepare children by starting to get them in the rhythm of a routine before the beginning of the school year. No one likes getting up early so, if possible, plan something fun to do right after breakfast. Children will be much more inclined to jump into the routine when there is an event to which to look forward.

Healthy Lunch

Provide children with a healthy lunch around the same time every day. This is another way to get children into the rhythm of the day and school year. Oftentimes in the summer, lunch is more relaxed as parents are not home or simply do not have the time to prepare three meals every day. Once the school year approaches, it’s important to have healthy lunches each day. This not only prepares a child by acclimating them to a schedule, but also feeds their brain and allows for a healthy rejuvenation before the beginning of the school year. Some brain-healthy foods to incorporate include berries, walnuts, fish and leafy greens.

Create a Study Space for the Fall

Once homework rolls in, having a study space is vital for focus and efficiency. Get ahead of the game and invest in setting aside a space to get work done. Other places in the home can be very distracting, especially to younger students. Setting aside time and a place for homework has shown to be effective in promoting structure for children. Prepare now and find a desk or table for homework time. There may already be a space in the home that's ready to become the homework spot.

Go Shopping

Build up the anticipation and excitement for the school year by shopping for school necessities. Excitement is contagious; build it by going on special outings to prepare for the school year and the student will start to feel the same excitement. If we do not have the time or the energy to go out shopping, order needed supplies online. Be creative with it—play a game or scavenger hunt for school supplies—even a bingo game in which the prizes are school supplies will excite and encourage the student.

Taking these simple preparation steps will provide structure and stability before the school year so everyone can enjoy the summer while it is here, yet welcome the school year with excitement. 

Courtesy of Hope Academy

 Bethany Habbena is the marketing and communications specialist at Hope Academy, in Minneapolis, an affordable private school that aims to foster hope in God within the inner-city neighborhoods of Minneapolis by providing youth with a remarkable, classical, Christ-centered education. Located at 2300 Chicago Ave. S, Minneapolis, schedule a tour at or call the Admissions Team at 612-489-5154

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