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Taurine Offers Longevity Potential

Taurine Offers Longevity Potential


Taurine, one of the most abundant amino acids in the body, is vital for health of the eyes, muscles, brain and heart. Research has found that taurine levels decrease with age. In a study published in the journal Science, researchers found that taurine supplementation improved the lifespan and healthspan of middle-aged mice.

The scientists noticed improvements in bone, muscle, pancreas, brain, fat, gut and immune function. The median life span of taurine-treated mice increased by 10 to 12 percent, and life expectancy at 28 months increased by about 18 to 25 percent. Similar effects were observed in monkeys and cellular worms. The researchers also found a link between lower circulating taurine levels and higher risk for Type 2 diabetes, obesity and hypertension.

The researchers speculate that taurine’s anti-aging and disease-preventing benefits could be due to its effects on reducing cellular death, inflammation, DNA damage, mitochondrial dysfunction and other hallmarks of aging. They also found that exercise increased concentrations of taurine metabolite levels in the blood.

While more research is needed on taurine supplementation, dietary sources can be prioritized. Shellfish (scallops, clams and mussels) are the best dietary source of taurine, followed by lamb, beef, pork and chicken.