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Building Climate-Proofed Homes

Climate Proofed Homes Nguyen Vinh from Pexels Canva Pro

Yasmeen Lari, an 82-year-old Pakistani architect, is leading an initiative to transform how Pakistan rebuilds after natural disasters by abandoning the reliance on concrete and embracing local architectural traditions.


Pakistan is highly vulnerable to natural disasters, and the increasing frequency and intensity of floods demand sustainable and resilient solutions. By using local materials and design techniques, Lari addresses the environmental impact of construction, reducing carbon emissions and embracing a more climate-friendly approach.


She uses cheap, locally available, low-carbon materials to construct flood-resilient homes. This includes incorporating raised platforms and bamboo roofing waterproofed with straw and tarpaulin. The walls incorporate bamboo panels reinforced with earth and lime, ensuring waterproof structures that can withstand heavy rains.


To implement her ideas, Lari founded the Heritage Foundation of Pakistan, which trains villagers how to work with these sustainable materials. Her goal is to build one million homes by 2024.